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Gymnastics NSW
Technical Regulations

Technical Regulations

Section 1 - General Regulations

are rules set out for all gymsports and members to comply with GNSW Policies, procedures and expected behaviours when participating in the sport.

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Gymsport Regulations

In conjunction with the GNSW General Regulations Section 1, Sections 2-8 develops rules, guidelines and provides additional information and resources for each gymsport. 

Competition and Event Forms

Forms and resources including

  • Request for refund

  • Judge exemption requests

  • Music submissions

  • Event photography withdrawal

  • Competition special request

  • Incident and accident reports

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General and gymsport resources including

  • Compulsory music

  • 2022 regulations

  • Routine sheets

  • Gymsport specific rules

  • Other resources

Changes to the 2024 Technical Regulations and latest Gymsport updates and clarifications.

Updates & Clarifications

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