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Athlete Level Progression 

Athletes must progress through the level system in accordance with the relevant Gymsport levels progression policy and guidelines and/ or technical Regulations. It is the responsibility of the coaches and club to recognise their gymnast’s ability and to progress their athletes according to the relevant sport progression policies so as to not knowingly or unknowingly compete within a group where the skill and result of a competitor(s) is disproportionality skewed in their favour due to an overwhelming proficiency of the routines and a failure by the club to observe the eligibility of such a gymnast for progression in competition level. Similarly, a gymnast should never be disadvantaged in competitive gymnastics by premature advancement in level, or advanced in level beyond their preparation and ability to safely perform the skills and/or competition elements. Clubs should check these rules prior to entering athletes into an event. 

Athlete Attire 

All gymnasts attending GNSW events/competitions must be suitably attired and adhere to all rules and regulations set down by the Sport’s Gymsport Committee Technical Regulations. 

  • Athletes must wear club uniform at all GNSW events.  

  • Female athletes must wear a club leotard or unitard (one-piece leotard with full length legs -hip to ankle or one-piece leotard with the athletes’ preferred leg length). Leotards may be short or long-sleeve.

    • Athletes have the option of wearing bike shorts, short gymnastic pants (non-form fitting lycra shorts) or complete leg coverings (tights/leggings); under or on top of the leotard. The shorts or leg coverings must be in the club colours and in keeping with the aesthetic design of the leotard. 

    • Club team leotards (including for group or multiple competitions) must be identical in design. Athletes will be able to individually select their preferred leg and sleeve length, or to choose to wear shorts or pants with their leotard. If an athlete chooses to wear shorts or pants, they must be of identical colour/design to the shorts or pants worn by other athletes from their club (if chosen).

  • Male athletes must wear competition attire in accordance with the relevant Gymsport Technical Regulations.

  • Any branding or manufacturer marks on leotards or competition attire (including shorts and/or pants) must be small and discrete and in keeping with FIG rules. Manufacturer markings should not form a significant part of the garments design and should not distract from the aesthetics of the competition attire or the athlete’s performance.

  • Cultural and religious headwear may be worn in competition so long as it is deemed safe to wear by the relevant Gymsport Committee.

  • For lower level gymsport competition, non-competitive events and Gymnastics for All Events, Gymnasts can wear Competition Attire in line with the requirements of each Gymsport (which may not require a leotard).

  • For additional variations and uniform requirements please refer to the relevant Gymsport Technical Regulations.

  • NSW State uniform and Australian Team Uniform (past or current) is not permitted.

  • All gymnasts are required to wear a shirt or competition top at all events during warm-ups.

Athletes not correctly attired may not be allowed to take part in the competition.

Please refer to the Gymsport ALP or Gymsport Regulations Section for further specifications on Athlete Attire Requirements.

At national level events athletes must wear attire in accordance with the national technical regulations for the gymsport and in accordance with the competition rules for the event.

LINK: ACRO Regulations

LINK: AER Regulations

LINK: GfA Regulations

LINK: MAG Regulations

LINK: RG Regulations

LINK: TRP Regulations

LINK: WAG Regulations

Unsportsmanlike Behaviour

Dressing, undressing and state of partial undress (bare chests or leotards half on) during competitions, warm-up periods and post-competition in the designated competition area, is judged as an unsportsmanlike gesture and will result, after warning and opportunity for corrective action, in the appropriate attire deduction (applied to the next exercise in that phase of the competition or, if none remaining, the last exercise within the phase). If there is still no corrective action, the competitor will be disqualified for unsportsmanlike behaviour from the competition.

Athlete Behaviour 

All athletes must adhere to the GNSW Codes of Behaviour. Athletes participating in competitions and events of any kind must show respect to all judges, coaches and officials. Displays of poor temperament or unsportsmanlike behaviour either by word or gesture will result in technical deduction, or in extreme cases, disqualification and / or possible disciplinary action. Any athlete not abiding by these guidelines may be removed from the event, and not allowed to take part, or continue to take part in the event.

Once the competition has commenced, athletes may not leave or communicate with any person off the competition floor without the approval of the floor manager.

LINK: GNSW Codes of Behaviour

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