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Roles and Responsibilities 


The GNSW Volunteer Roles and Responsibilities document serves as a guide to the scope and range of activities that is required of a volunteer in each position including an Event Safety Induction.  

During your role 

  • No photos or videos are to be taken on the competition floor. If you want to have photos or videos taken of your child performing we recommend asking another trusted parent or friend and these can be taken from the audience.   

  • Volunteers are to have no communication with the competitors unless it is in an official capacity. 

  • Volunteers are not to be accompanied by family, friends or children on the competition floor. 

  • Once the competition has commenced athletes, coaches, judges and volunteers are not permitted to leave the Competition Floor or warm up area without the express permission of the Event Manager, Floor Manager or Head Judge. 

  • Through the performance of your duties and by volunteering on the competition floor you may have access to privileged or confidential information, such as competitor or official information and unpublished athlete results. Volunteers must behave at all times in a professional manner and exemplify nonpartisan ethical behaviour, maintain the highest standards of integrity and protect member privacy. No volunteer should attempt to access any information not pertinent to the completion of their assigned duties or disclose any confidential information they have directly or indirectly had access to, to any other party.    

LINK: GNSW Volunteer Roles & Responsibilities

Volunteer Behaviour 

All volunteers who take part in a GNSW competition or sanctioned event must abide by the GNSW General Code of Behaviour. Volunteers in breach of the code of conduct are subject to the Yellow/Red Card warning system as set out in the coaches section. Infringements may result in the volunteer being removed from the competition floor for the remainder of the duration of the competition and be subject to further disciplinary action following the conclusion of the event. Clubs are responsible for ensuring volunteers from their club are aware of the roles and responsibilities of their position, the code of conduct and the expectations for behaviour.  

LINK: GNSW General Code of Behaviour

LINK: Coach Behaviour Yellow/Red Card

Volunteer Attire 

Volunteers and spotters are to wear appropriate attire, or club uniform if available. Appropriate closed toe footwear must be worn at all times.  

Volunteers must be easily identifiable on the field of play by means of either a wrist band or stamp to ensure they have presented their WWCC. 

Volunteer Technical Briefings 

A Volunteer technical briefing will occur prior to the start of each competition session at all events. It is required that all volunteers for that session be in attendance at this meeting. Volunteers are required to attend the volunteers briefing for each session they are volunteering throughout the event. 

Additional competition session information for volunteers may be communicated electronically prior to the start of a competition session or during a competition session if required through the GNSW Team App. It is the responsibility of each volunteer who will be volunteering during an event to ensure they have read the information prior to the event.  

Volunteer Application

To submit your interest to volunteer in a role at our events, please complete the Volunteer Application Form.

LINK: Volunteer Application Form

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