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Event Eligibilty

Entry to GNSW events/competitions is open to all GNSW affiliated clubs. Clubs must have affiliated in the relevant Gymsport to enter athletes in the sport’s event/competition. Athletes must meet the event criteria set by the relevant NSW Gymsport Committee, including the event qualifying score. Athletes entering GNSW events may only be entered and/or withdrawn by an affiliated club. Clubs must nominate all athletes and coaches on the official entry form and all athlete entries must be accompanied by a current registered coach holding the required accreditation level. Clubs must provide judges for every event for which they submit entries, and they are required to provide volunteers for assigned volunteer roles at events. Clubs must nominate all judges on the relevant event Provision of Judges form and must submit all volunteers to the relevant EPPO. Athletes and officials (coaches, judges and volunteers) agree that GNSW or any official shall not be deemed to be responsible or liable whether in contract or in tort or under any statute for any injury, illness or any mishap which may be suffered by the athlete/official or be sustained to the property belonging to the athlete/official in, arising from, out of or directly or indirectly connected with any travelling, disciplinary action, participation, training or function of any nature held during the event/competition, or in any way directly or indirectly connected.

Athletes and officials (coaches, judges and volunteers) agree that they shall indemnify and will at all times indemnify and keep GNSW or any official fully indemnified from and against all actions, suits, causes of actions, proceedings, demands, costs and expenses whatsoever which may be taken or made against GNSW or incurred or become payable by GNSW in connection with or arising out of such injury, illness or mishap to the athlete/official or their property or any other matter.

Athletes and officials (coaches, judges and volunteers) acknowledge that GNSW or any official may act as their agent in accruing such expenses and/or doing whatsoever is reasonably necessary for their benefit in connection with or arising out of any such injury, illness, loss, damage or other mishap.

Clubs must ensure they have read the event terms and conditions, the NSW Gymsport Technical Regulations, as well as other associated policies. Clubs must ensure all athletes entered for an event are medically fit and appropriately prepared for competition with the required skill level and competency. Clubs must make sure they have informed athletes and their parents/guardians of the conditions and obtain permission from the athlete and their parent/guardian on their behalf. Through the submission of entries, all parties are acknowledging and accepting the policies and event terms and conditions.

Any club or athlete who has outstanding amounts owing to GNSW may be refused entry to all GNSW events until such time as the account is settled.

Athlete Skill Competency

Clubs and coaches declare by the submission of entries that all athletes under their control entered for an event are appropriately prepared for the event with the required skill level and skill competency and have not been prematurely advanced in level beyond their ability. Gymnasts must be able to demonstrate at least a minimum level of proficiency and safety for each skill, apparatus or event they are entered. The gymnast is expected to include in their exercise only elements that they can perform with complete safety and with a high degree of aesthetic and technical mastery. Gymnasts, clubs and coaches who fail to meet these standards may be removed from the competition floor and/or subject to disciplinary action.

LINK: Skills Performed Unsafely

Non-NSW Clubs 

GNSW may permit outside State or Territory Clubs’ entry into any GNSW event where time permits within the schedule. Acceptance of entries will be determined by competition and organisational capacity and requirements. GNSW reserves the right to not accept entries from non-NSW Clubs at its absolute discretion.

Where an ACT club is seeking to enter a NSW event, the ACT athletes must meet all event criteria as set by the relevant NSW Gymsport Committee, as they apply to NSW athletes. This includes meeting the event qualification criteria, qualifying process (including qualifying through NSW region and state trial events, as relevant) and any required qualifying score which has been obtained at a NSW competition in the relevant period.

Visiting clubs accepted into a GNSW event must comply with all rules and regulations as per the GNSW Technical Regulations and Gymsport Technical Regulations. In the case of a NSW State Championships that has an Automatic Entry, interstate clubs must contact the GNSW Events, Pathways and Performance Officer (EPPO) for an entry form. This entry form must be completed and received by the GNSW office no later than 5 weeks prior to the championships, unless otherwise stated.

Athlete Minimum Age 

Participation in any GNSW competition or sanctioned event requires the athlete to be attending school and be turning 6 years of age in the calendar year of competition. This minimum age also governs Region events, and sanctioned club competitions.

Athlete Registrations 

All athletes wishing to participate in GNSW competitions and events must be registered financial members of GNSW and Gymnastics Australia (GA) and they must be registered in the National Database (Gymnastics Online/iMIS) with the correct Athlete Coding as per the Gymnastics Australia Athlete Coding Guide in the level at which they will compete at the competition. A membership fee for the appropriate category of athlete must be paid prior to an athlete being entered into a GNSW event.

Clubs who have entered non-registered, non-competitive athletes or athletes registered with the incorrect Athlete Coding at the time of closing date will incur an administration levy of 10% of each individual’s entry cost for that event.

Clubs will be notified, via email, of their incorrect registrations, and subsequently issued an invoice for the total Administration Levy. All incorrect registrations will require prompt resolution within 24 hours of notification of the errors. All incorrectly registered athletes must then be fully registered three weeks prior to the GNSW event/competition, including Region events and sanctioned club competitions. Failure to comply will result in those athletes being disqualified from competition, with no refund permitted. Non-transferred athletes do not fall into this category. Athlete transfers must be finalised prior to the set event closing date. For the rules for athletes who are transferring between clubs refer to the section on Transfers.


LINK: GA Athlete Coding Guide

LINK: Athlete Coding Guide FAQ

LINK: How to check your athletes are registered for the current year

Athlete Transfers 

All athlete transfers are subject to the Gymnastics Australia National Club Administration Policy and GNSW Membership Policy. All athlete transfers must be finalised and registered with the current club prior to the set closing date. Decisions by GNSW pursuant to the GA Policy shall be subject to the GNSW Membership Policy, including the guidelines set out therein, together with the Reasonableness Test.

The transfer policy refers only to competitions. For the purposes of application of the transfer policy only, an event does not include any training sessions, squad sessions, clinics or workshops. As defined for coverage of all other aspects of the GNSW Technical Regulations, an ‘Event’ includes all competitions, squads, training sessions, workshops, clinics and other activities.

LINK: GA National Club Administration Policy

LINK: GNSW Membership Policy

Multi-Club Registrations 

Multi-club registrations are subject to the Gymnastics Australia Athlete Multiple-Club Registration Policy and the GNSW Membership Policy. Athletes should only be registered to one club as their primary club in their primary Gymsport. Where an athlete trains for different Gymsports at a different affiliated club, they can apply for a multi-club registration (Ath2 registration). An athlete who has registered a multi-club registration can compete with the relevant secondary club at Gymnastic NSW events. Where an athlete trains for the same Gymsport at multiple clubs they can only compete with the club which is registered as their primary club. Multi-club registrations must be current for the year of competition and be renewed each year.

LINK: GA National Club Administration Policy

LINK: GNSW Membership Policy

Athlete Skill
Event Eligibility
Athlete min age
Athete registrations
Athlete transfers
Multi Club reg
cross mixed
Qualifying form
Cross and Mixed Club Groups, Teams or Collaborations

The formation and entry of cross and/or mixed club groups, teams or collaborations is in accordance with each Gymsports technical regulations and competition division and level entry requirements.

Clubs should refer to the GA Multiple-Club Registration policy for athlete registration guidelines and requirements.

Where cross/mixed club groups, teams or collaborations are permitted under the relevant gymsport rules:

  • Each club is to submit the athletes registered for their club on the club’s competition entry form.

  • Clubs should indicate on the entry form which athletes are included as part of a cross club or mixed club group/team/collaboration.

  • Clubs must identify on their entry form which group/team/collaboration each athlete is a member of, including the full names and clubs of the other group/team/collaboration members.

  • The club is responsible for payment of the entry fee for any athlete registered to their club.

  • Clubs must indicate with the competition entry, which coach will be supervising the mixed club group at the event. Mixed club groups must identify the primary coach responsible for the group. This identified coach will be the primary contact and authorised person for any matters concerning the groups entry or participation at the event. If the nominated primary coach will not be available at the event, they are to designate their delegate. All coaches (including delegates) must hold the necessary coaching accreditation in accordance with the coach accreditation regulations for their gymsport and level.

  • The mixed club groups primary coach/club is responsible for ensuring all relevant event entry criteria is met in accordance with the entry policy, including but not limited to the submission of music, supply of judge(s), routine and difficulty sheet submission and any required changes to entry or replacement of athletes.

Clubs forming mixed club or cross club groups should ensure there is open and transparent communication and agreement between the clubs of all athletes involved. Clubs must ensure they are abiding by the GNSW Membership Policy.

Refer to Gymsport Technical Regulations for sport specific collaboration regulations.

Qualifying Scores 

Athlete entries will only be accepted into GNSW events/competitions on the provision of the required qualifying score, if one is required, plus any other requirements contained within GNSW Technical Regulations. This qualifying score is set by each Gymsport Committee and can be found in the relevant section of the NSW Gymsport Technical Regulations. Qualifying scores must be achieved and submitted by the close of entries for the event, or the published deadline. GNSW reserves the right to amend the due date for submission of a qualifying score in its absolute discretion. 

Entry Form Location 

All GNSW events will be promoted via the GNSW Website. Event information, including competitor entry forms will be available via the Events calendar section of the website. It is the clubs’ responsibility to access these resources in order to take part in the event. All entries must be completed on the official entry form in excel and submitted through the online link on the GNSW website. 

LINK: GNSW Event Calendar

LINK: GNSW Region Event Calendar

Competition Entry Submission and Closing Dates

Entries are open for submission from the time of publication of the official competition entry form on the GNSW website.

Entries for competitions should be submitted prior to the entry closing date to ensure entries are received before to the close of entries.

Entries for an event must be received in the GNSW office no later than 5pm Sydney time on the closing date shown on the published entry form. Late fees apply for entries submitted after the submission deadline. Please refer to the section of these regulations regarding late entries.

LINK: Late Entries

Payment of Entries 

Invoices for payment will be issued in the week following the close of entries. All invoices must be paid in full within 7 days of issue of the invoice for the entries to remain valid. This payment must be made regardless of whether the club’s competitors have paid the club; it is the club’s responsibility to manage its own finances and cash flow, not GNSW. Failure to pay by this date may result in the Club being excluded from the competition and refused entry into subsequent events until the account has been finalised.

If clubs fail to make full payment by the due date, athletes will be withdrawn from the competition and removed from the schedule and work orders.

All invoices must be paid in full prior to an event. Clubs are not permitted to short pay invoices due to athletes withdrawing from the competition. Any club who has outstanding amounts owing to GNSW will be refused entry to all GNSW events until such time as the account is settled.

In the case of an Automatic Entry for NSW State Championships, clubs will be required to follow the Automatic Entry process; a list of qualified athletes will be published the day after the final State Trial and clubs will have 24 hours to withdraw any athlete on the list. All remaining athletes will be entered into the respective State Championships with an invoice sent to each Club for the payment of these athletes. An online payment option is linked to the invoice, clubs will be required to pay online, or via direct deposit referencing the invoice number, by the outlined due date for final entries to be valid.

Validity of Entries 

Entry forms must be correctly filled out with all requested information. Entries will only be accepted by online submission through the link located on the relevant GNSW event page on the GNSW Website, in digital format on the official GNSW Entry Form in excel. All details provided must be accurate and complete, including athletes and officials’ full names as shown in the National Database (Gymnastics Online/iMIS Gymnastic Australia Membership system), athlete current and correct contact details (mobile and email) and and the complete Working with Children Check details for all officials 18 and over.

It is the club's responsibility to ensure all athletes and officials are current registered members prior to submitting entries, and those officials’ technical registrations will still be current on the day of the event. Clubs must ensure that all Coaches and Judges registered for their Club have a current relationship registered at the Club in the Club Admin Portal, on the Tech Member tab before registering them for any event.

Forms received that are incomplete or incorrectly filled out will not be accepted and will be returned to the club for correction and resubmission. Failure to comply with the entry terms will incur administration levies as outlined in these regulations.

For these entries to be valid the errors or omissions must be rectified, and the forms resubmitted through the online entries link prior to the event closing date. If not received within this time frame, the entries will be deemed invalid and returned to the club. Associated payments will be refunded less 15% Administration Fee.

LINK: GNSW Events Calendar

LINK: GNSW Regional Event Calendar

LINK: How to manage workforce relationships with your Club

Confirmation of Entries 

Completed forms must be uploaded through the competition entries link located on the relevant GNSW event page on the GNSW Website. The Gymsport EPPO will confirm entries received upon request. Entries for Region Events should follow the Sanctioned Competition entry submission process and be submitted on the official form on the GNSW website.

LINK: GNSW Events Calendar

LINK: GNSW Region Event Calendar

Changes to Competition Entry 

Any changes that need to be made to competition entries will incur a $20 administration fee. Changes include changes to athlete divisions or levels, the members or composition of a team or group and other applicable changes to entries. Changes to entries do not include withdrawals, or late entries. Requests for changes to entries must be made on the official online form on the GNSW website. The administration fee for changes to entries applies per change. No changes will be accepted within 2.5 weeks of the competition date. GNSW reserves the right to accept or reject the changes on the individual merits of the application. 

LINK: Request for Change to Competition Entry

Replacement Athlete 

If an athlete who is part of a pair, trio, group or team needs to be withdrawn from an event, the club may replace this athlete in order for the remaining athletes to be able to continue to participate in the event. This is only applicable where the withdrawal of the athlete from the event would result in the withdrawal of all athletes within the pair, trio, group or team if the athlete is not replaced. Any other additional athletes or replacement athletes are considered late entries and the associated late entry policy and fees will apply.  

All replacement athletes must be correctly registered at the time of being entered into the event. Clubs must assure that the replacement athletes, along with all athletes in a reformed pair, trio, group or team have sufficient preparation for the level and competition prior to the event to ensure that all members are able to participate safely. Replacement athletes must also comply with the current relevant NSW Gymsport Technical Regulations pertaining to the respective event and any Gymsport Regulations regarding the formation of groups and replacement of athletes and may include qualification requirements. 

Replacement athletes must be entered into the event on the online Replacement Athlete Form and submitted no later than 72 hours prior to the start of the first session of the event.  

Withdrawn Athletes who are replaced, in accordance with this policy are not eligible for a refund of the entry fee under the refund policy. No additional athlete entry fee will be payable for the replacement athlete. A $20 administration fee for a change to competition entries will be incurred for each replaced athlete.   

LINK: Replacement Athlete Request 

Late Entries 

Competition entries must be submitted prior to the listed closing date for the event. Entries can be submitted at any time prior to the closing time and date and do not need to be submitted on the day the event closes. Clubs should plan the submission of entries accordingly to allow sufficient time for any problems encountered such as problems with internet access. GNSW recognises that sometimes entry dates are missed requiring clubs to submit entries after the due date. To encourage all eligible athletes to compete and provide equal opportunity for participation late entries will be accepted up to a week after the closing date. Acceptance of any late entries will only be made if there is an ability for the late entries to be incorporated into the existing event program. 

There will be a penalty of $150 for all late club entries received during this week (the $150 penalty applies regardless of the number of entries). 

Additional Entries 

Clubs who have submitted entries on time, who later wish to add additional entries after the closing date to the event will incur a late fee of 50% of each additional athlete’s individual entry fee. Additional entries will only be accepted if there is an ability for the late entries to be incorporated into the existing event program. Additional athlete entries must be completed on the official Event Entry Form and submitted through the Event Submission link located on the GNSW Events Calendar for each event. 

NO entries will be accepted if submitted more than a week following the close of entries. 

All late entries will be considered on a case-by-case basis and GNSW will make the final decision in its absolute discretion as to whether the late entry is accepted or declined.  

LINK: GNSW Events Calendar

NSW Clubs Attending Competitions Outside NSW 

Any affiliated club seeking to participate at a competition, display or event outside of NSW must inform GNSW through the Travel Sanction Request form prior to travel.  When notifying GNSW, the following information must be provided: 

•  Event Name, Date & Location 

• Gymsport / Level of athletes traveling to the event 

• Team Coach / Judge details (if applicable)  

Any club or program wishing to compete at international events where an overnight stay is required must, after requesting and gaining endorsement from GNSW, also inform GA via email of their intent to travel to the event and seek approval for their participation no later than one month prior to the provisional entry deadline or at least 90 days prior to the anticipated departure date. GNSW and GA will not be held responsible for any costs that the club/program may incur should the application be denied. For further information on the GA Tour Endorsement Application, please refer to the GA Travel Policy.  

The club must ensure that any event they are seeking to attend outside of NSW is not conflicting with any GNSW event. Should this occur, the GNSW event will always take precedence and the application will be denied.  

Clubs attending events outside of NSW may only compete under their own club and must not be classified as a ‘NSW Team’ or ‘Australian Team’. Athletes and Officials travelling as part of a club trip must only wear their club uniform. Only officially selected GNSW teams may be referred to as ‘NSW’ and wear NSW State Team Uniform. Only officially selected GA teams may be referred to as ‘Australia’ and wear the official Australian Team uniform including the National Squad uniform while on official GA trips only.

LINK: Travel Sanction Request

LINK: GA Contact Email

LINK: GA Travel Policy

Coach Nomination for Competitions

Clubs must nominate all coaches on the official coach entry form submitted by the relevant submission date for the event. Non-nominated coaches will not be granted accreditation for the event and will not be permitted access to the field of play. All coaches nominated must be in accordance with the coach registration and accreditation requirements. Coaches nominated for their Club must have a current relationship registered at the Club in the Club Admin Portal, on the Tech Member tab.

Requests for additional coach accreditations after the close of entries must be submitted on the official Request for Additional Coach form on the GNSW website. Requests must be submitted no later than 72 hours prior to the start of the first session of the event. All requests for additional coach accreditations will be considered on a case-by-case basis and GNSW will make the final decision as to whether the request is accepted or denied in its absolute discretion.

LINK: GNSW Coach Accreditation Requirements

LINK: Request for Additional Coach

LINK: Supervision of Beginner Coach Request

LINK: How to manage workforce relationships with your Club

Club Supply of Judges

Please see the Provision of Judges Policy for full details. The policy outlines the minimum requirements for the supply of judges by a club for an event. It informs affiliated and participating clubs of the discipline process, judging proxy fee and the process for clubs to request exemptions to the requirements. Each Club is required to nominate a judge (at an appropriate accreditation level or higher) for an equivalent number of sessions for which the club has athletes entered, in each competition in accordance with the judge provision ratio. Judges nominated for their Club must have a current relationship registered at the Club in the Club Admin Portal, on the Tech Member tab. Failure to pay the proxy fees may result in the Club being refused entry into subsequent events until the account has been finalised.

LINK: Judge Policies and Protocols – PART A Provision of Judges Policy

LINK: How to manage workforce relationships with your Club

Club Supply of Volunteers 

It is the responsibility of each club to provide volunteers to assist with the necessary duties at each competition. Volunteers are required to assist with duties such as scoring, announcing, music operation, score running, marshalling and other duties. Event volunteer positions are allocated to clubs for each session at a competition in accordance with the volunteer roster. Where a club has been assigned a volunteer role at an event, the club must find and provide a suitable person to fulfil the duty at the event. Clubs are asked to ensure volunteers have a current understanding of the roles and responsibilities they will be undertaking at the event. The names of all volunteers must be provided to the EPPO by the specified date prior to the event. A proxy fee of $100 per assigned volunteer position applies for clubs who do not provide volunteers for their assigned positions. Additional penalties may apply for clubs who repeatedly fail to provide volunteers for their assigned positions.

GNSW may accept volunteers (in addition to the provision of volunteers required in accordance with the volunteer roster) for key event positions as satisfaction of the provision of judge policy in its discretion. This discretion may or may not be applied at different events depending upon judge availability and GNSW volunteer requirements. Clubs should ensure they are meeting all requirements for the supply of judges in accordance with the Provision of Judges Policy.

All volunteers nominated by clubs may not be required for every session but must be submitted to the relevant EPPO by the official date and be available to assist if required for the nominated session.

Clubs entering athletes for Trampoline events are required to provide at least ONE (1) Trampoline Spotter for every session the club has athletes competing in the trampoline discipline. All spotters must have participated in a sanctioned spotter’s workshop.

Volunteers are required to have a valid and verified Working with Children Check, which must be provided when the volunteer names are submitted.

Working with Children Checks

All coaches, judges, officials, administrators and volunteers over the age of 18 working (either in a paid or volunteer capacity) at Gymnastics New South Wales affiliated clubs, GNSW sanctioned events, and as part of GNSW sanctioned teams must hold a current and valid Working with Children Check (WWCC). All officials must supply their WWCC number, expiry date and date of birth with their nomination to attend any GNSW event. No official will be permitted onto the Field of Play, including the competition floor, warm-up areas, marshalling areas or official spaces without a verified WWCC.

Clubs must ensure that all Coaches and Judges registered for their Club have a current and valid WWCC registered at the Club in the Club Admin Portal, on the WWCC Check tab, before registering them for any event.

It is a requirement at all GNSW Events to provide proof of WWCC upon entry to the event and during the event when asked. Coaches, judges, officials, vendors and volunteers must be easily identifiable on the field of play by means of either a wrist band or stamp to ensure they have presented their WWCC.

LINK: Child Safeguarding Policy

LINK: Child Safe Standards

LINK: Office of the Children’s Guardian – Working with Children Check (Information/Application/Renew)

Event Media Release  

GNSW advises that there may be official still and video photographers at all GNSW events. Athletes and officials’ images may be captured at events, and names will feature in competition documents published on the GNSW website. GNSW and/or their agents reserve the right to use images from these events in publications and promotions and for sale in digital, video and still photograph formats. Captured images may be used for publicity, commercial or promotional purposes including advertising, social media, media and web content. Footage of participants and their routines may also be used for educational purposes, including but not limited to judge education and development.


Member clubs that have athletes, officials or coaches who do not wish to be photographed or filmed must notify GNSW of this in writing on the official Photography Withdrawal Form available on the GNSW website at the time of entry. Event staff should also be notified on the day.

Throughout this Event, Gymnastics NSW will also be capturing footage and images of each participant and their routines for Judging Review Purposes, video footage captured for judging purposes will be used for judging a participant’s performance, should a score review be necessary, restricted to GNSW Event Staff, Gymsport Committee and Judges Assembly members and event judges and the footage may be retained at the completion of the event on a case by case basis as deemed necessary. Capturing of images and footage for Judging Review Purposes is a mandatory requirement for all athletes wishing to participate at the event. Should an athlete not wish to comply with this requirement, their participation will be withdrawn by Gymnastics NSW prior to the commencement of the event. In this instance, no refunds on entry fees will be provided.

It is important to note that you can change your mind at any time and ask us to stop using your image publicly by contacting us on

LINK: Event Photography Withdrawal Form

Music Submission

All optional floor music for any GNSW competition must be submitted via the Competition Music Submission link on the GNSW Website by the specified deadline for each event. A $20 penalty per missing piece of music applies to all GNSW competitions for which the music is not submitted and received by the specified deadline.

Please refer to the relevant Music Guidelines document for music format and music naming guidelines. All music must be submitted in mp3 format. Incorrectly formatted or labelled music may also incur a $20 penalty per piece of music.

If a club needs to make changes to any submitted piece of music, the updated/changed music files can be submitted prior to the deadline with the correct labelling without penalty. This also applies where music needs to be changed between trial and state competitions. Any submissions after the deadline for the event will incur the penalty.

Clubs must also ensure an appropriate back-up of all competition music is made available at the event on a device with an auxiliary (AUX) output port (headphone port) in case of technical difficulties.

Selected music must comply with OneMusic regulations. Refer to the OneMusic regulations from Gymnastics Australia for details.

LINK: Competition Music Submission and Guidelines

Injured Athletes Returning to Competition 

Where an athlete has sustained an injury, either prior to an event or during an event, the club must provide a medical clearance letter for the athlete to participate in any other events in which the athlete has been entered. Injured athletes who have not provided a medical clearance letter to the Gymsport EPPO stating that they have appropriately recovered from the injury and are fit for competition will not be permitted to participate in the event. The clearance letter must state the athlete’s recovery from the specific injury and the clearance to compete on the entered event date. This includes State Championship events with an Automatic Entry Process; the club of a qualified athlete who has sustained an injury prior to the State Championships must provide a copy of the medical clearance letter to the Gymsport EPPO before the event, for the athlete to be permitted to participate. The qualified athlete will still be automatically entered into the State Championships unless officially withdrawn by the club but will only be able to participate with the provision of the medical clearance. Medical certificates will only be accepted from the athlete’s treating practitioner which must be a Doctor of Medicine or a Physiotherapist. Medical clearances must be received by GNSW no later than 72-hours prior to the start of the first session of the event.

Request for Refunds 

Requests for refunds may only be submitted by clubs. All requests must be submitted via the online form, with all supporting documents, within 7 days of the conclusion of the event. Any requests received after this period will not be considered.

The refunding of athlete entry fee is possible only under the following circumstances:

  • An athlete’s ill health and subsequent inability to participate in the event. This refund will be made on the provision of a Doctors certificate attached to the official GNSW Request for Refund form within 7 days of the conclusion of the event. Certificates presented after 7 days of competition will not be accepted. A 15% Administration fee will be deducted from the refund. Medical certificates will only be accepted from a Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Chiropractic or a Physiotherapist.

  • Should an injured athlete be part of a team/pair/trio, forcing the team/trio/pair to be withdrawn, the non-injured team members are entitled to a 100% refund of their entry fees. Only the injured participant will be deducted the 15% Administration fee from the refund provided the terms of submission of the Request for Refund are met by the injured athlete.

  • An athlete’s selection onto a Gymnastics Australia team prevents them from competing at an event that is entered prior to selection onto the Gymnastics Australia team. Evidence of selection must be provided with request for refund.

  • Clubs may submit a written request for refund appeal for circumstances outside the above mentioned terms. GNSW reserves the right to the final decision on all requests. All requests must be received in writing, with all supporting documents, to the Event Manager or Gymsport EPPO within the 7 days of competition conclusion. All request appeals received after this period will not be considered.

Athletes who are withdrawn and replaced by a reserve athlete under the Replacement Athlete policy are not eligible for a refund of the event entry fee.

LINK: Request for Refund

Closing Dates
Payment of entries
Validy of entries
Confirmation of Entries
Entry form location
Late Entries
Additional entries
NSW Club
Changes to Comp entry
Coach Nomination
Club Judge Supply
Club Volunteer Supply
Event Media
Injured Athlete
Sum Table Fees

Summary Table of Fees 

Withdrawal of judge without provision of replacement judge
$250 proxy fee + $100 admin fee
Change of nominated Judge
$20 per change
Late Submission of Provision of Judges form
Judging Proxy Fee
$250 per judge, per session
Incorrectly formatted or labelled music
$20 per piece of music
Changes to music submission after deadline
$20 per piece of music
Late Music Submission
$20 per piece of music
Volunteer Proxy Fee
$100 per volunteer
Additional athlete entry after close of entries
50% of additional athlete individual entry fee
Late Entries
Changes to entries
$20 per change
Unregistered / incorrectly registered athletes, coaches or judges
10% of entry fee
Add Regs
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