Return to Sport Plan 

Reboot Gymnastics

GNSW is committed to ensuring the safety of people attending GNSW and GNSW sanctioned events. This includes athletes, coaches, judges, volunteers, event crew and spectators. To this end, additional rules, guidelines and policies have been developed in accordance with the GNSW Return to Sport Plan and COVID-19 response policies. These documents outline standards and the regulations for the safe conduction of events, competitions and activities during COVID-19. Where decisions or procedures are enforced in-line with this plan as relevant at the time, they will supersede any conflicting regulation contained in the GNSW Technical Regulations. Event requirements and procedures may change at short notice in the interest of safety and wellbeing for all participants.

LINK: GNSW Return to Sport Plan

The purpose of the Return to Gymnastics Plan is to: 

  • Provide guidance to gymnastics clubs in New South Wales on requirements for clubs to support a COVID safe workplace for training and participation. 

  • Establish regulations for the recommencement of competitions, clinics and squad programs. 

  • Provide government with an assurance that gymnastics is a reliable partner who is working to achieve the shared objective of a COVID safe community.