Judge Accreditation

Judges officiating at GNSW events must be appropriately accredited within the specific gymsport and be registered with both Gymnastics Australia, GNSW and with the relevant sport’s Judging Assembly. All judges are required to be financial members of GNSW for the current year. Judges are required to have their Technical Membership with them in the GNSW Member App at all events. Judges should refer to the Accreditation Tables below for information with respect to the minimum accreditation requirements to judge at an event. Variation to panel requirements and composition is at the discretion of the relevant Gymsport Judges Assembly and is relevant and appropriate to the level and format of the competition.

Judges may require higher levels of accreditation to be selected onto a state team or to Judge at an Interstate or National Level event.


Acrobatic Gymnastics

For Additional Judge Accreditation Regulations please refer to the ACR Regulations Section

Aerobic Gymnastics

For Additional Judge Accreditation Regulations please refer to the AER Regulations Section

Gymnastics for All

Men's Gymnastics

For Additional Judge Accreditation Regulations please refer to the MAG Regulations Section

Rhythmic Gymnastics

For Additional Judge Accreditation Regulations please refer to the RG Regulations Section

Trampoline Gymnastics

Trampoline Gymnastics - Tumbling

Women's Gymnastics


Working With Children Check 

All judges over the age of 18 are required to hold a current and valid Working with Children Check (WWCC). Judges must supply their WWCC number, expiry date and date of birth with their nomination to attend any GNSW event. No judge will be permitted onto the Field of Play, including the competition floor, warm-up areas, marshalling areas or official spaces without a verified WWCC. It is a requirement at all GNSW Events to have the GNSW Member App in order to provide proof of WWCC upon entry to the event and during the event when asked. Judges must be easily identifiable on the field of play by means of either a wrist band or stamp to ensure they have presented their WWCC.

LINK: GNSW Child Safe – Child Protection

LINK: Child Safe Standards

LINK: GNSW Member App

LINK: Office of the Children’s Guardian – Working with Children Check (Information/Application/Renew)

Judge Behaviour 

All judges who take part in a GNSW competition or sanctioned event must abide by the GNSW Code of Conduct, GNSW Judge Policies and Protocols and act within the guidelines stated by the relevant Judges Assembly. Judges and officials in breach of the code of conduct are subject to the Yellow/Red Card warning system as set out in the coach behaviour section. Infringements may result in the judge or official being removed from the competition floor for the remainder of the duration of the competition and be subject to further disciplinary action following the conclusion of the event.

LINK: GNSW Officials Code of Behaviour

LINK: Coach Behaviour Yellow/Red Card

LINK: GNSW Judge Policies and Protocols


Judge Attire 

All judges attending GNSW event/competition must be suitably attired and adhere to all rules and regulations set down by the Sport’s Gymsport Committee Technical Regulations. 

Judges not complying with these rules and regulations may be refused entry onto the competition arena. 

Please refer to the Gymsport Regulations Section for further specifications on Judges Attire. 

Judges must be easily identifiable on the field of play by means of either a wrist band or stamp to ensure they have presented their WWCC. 

LINK: ACRO Regulations
LINK: AER Regulations
LINK: GfA Regulations
LINK: MAG Regulations
LINK: RG Regulations
LINK: TRP Regulations
LINK: WAG Regulations


Judge Technical Briefings 

A judges technical briefing will occur prior to the start of each competition session at all events. It is required that all judges for that session be in attendance at this meeting. Judges are required to attend the judges briefing for each session they are judging throughout the event. 

Additional competition session information for judges may be communicated electronically prior to the start of a competition session or during a competition session if required through the GNSW Team App. It is the responsibility of each judge who will be judging during an event to ensure they have read the information prior to the event.  


Apparatus Safety at Events 

The Head Judge at each apparatus has responsibility for the safe operation of the competition on that apparatus, including the safety conscious conduct of judges, coaches and gymnasts involved from time to time and any persons authorised or otherwise, who encroach on the apparatus environment under the Head Judge’s control.  Apart from directives and warnings to all involved, the most immediate course of action in case of a material failure of any person or aspect in meeting safety standards is to cease the operation of competition on that apparatus and place determination of the next course of action in the hands of the Competition Coordinators. 

LINK: Judge Policies and Protocols – PART E Judge Gymnast Safety Protocol


Judges Unavailable on the day of Competition

The Gymsport Judging Coordinator and/or the Gymnastics NSW ESDO should be contacted if unforeseen circumstances occur on the day of the competition and the judge becomes unavailable to attend for the sessions they have been assigned. This is to allow the Judging Coordinator time to reorganise the Judging Panels with minimal impact on the competition. Failure to do so will result in the penalties for the failure to attend the required session, $250 per session fine and $100 administration fee.

LINK: Judge Policies and Protocols – PART A Provision of Judges Policy


Judge Reimbursement of Expenses

People that judge at a competition do so in a volunteer capacity. As such there is no obligation upon GNSW to reimburse judges for expenses.  Individual Gymsports may decide to reimburse volunteers for out of pocket expenditure at their absolute discretion. Where a gymsport determines that reimbursement of judges shall occur, the gymsport will determine the amount of reimbursement.  Judge reimbursement may be paid direct to the judge or to the club supplying the judge.


The club of a volunteer who is due to receive a reimbursement of expenditure may request that the reimbursement is provided directly to the club instead of to the volunteer directly. Clubs must indicate on the official Provision of Judge form if they are requesting the reimbursement of expenditure to be provided to the club or directly to the volunteer. If a club judge is judging additional sessions as an independent judge (additional to the club provision nomination), any reimbursement for the independent sessions will be paid directly to the judge.


Judges are required to provide their own lunch and snacks for events. No food or eating is permitted on the Field of Play. For GNSW competitions where meals are not provided, judges who judge two or more consecutive sessions on the same day will receive a $15 food allowance. Food allowance will be paid directly to the judge. The allowance is only payable once per eligible day.


All required expense reimbursement forms must be submitted to GNSW by the 31st of December in each calendar year. No reimbursements can be claimed for events held in previous years and any outstanding reimbursements or allowances are forfeited.  

LINK: Judge Policies and Protocols – PART A Provision of Judges Policy


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