About Our Gymsports & Committees 

Gymnastics is made up of seven different Gymsports, each with unique characteristics. Each Gymsport has a Technical Committee to assist with governing each Gymsport. For all contact information for the different Gymsports and Technical Committees please check the GNSW Website.


LINK: GNSW Gymsport and Technical Committees

GNSW Events Calendar 

All information relating to competitions and events including Entry Forms, Timetables, Work Orders and Information booklets please check the Events Calendar located on the GNSW Website.


LINK: GNSW Events Calendar

GNSW Regional Events Calendar 

Information relating to Regional events including Entry Forms, Timetables and Results please check the Regional Events calendar located on the GNSW Website

LINK: GNSW Regional Event Calendar

GNSW Sanctioning Competition Information

All information relating to sanctioning an event and resources to host an event please check the Sanctioning page on the GNSW Technical Regulations Website.

LINK: GNSW Sanctioning Information 

Event Results 

Results from all GNSW competitions are uploaded after the conclusion of each event. Please visit the GNSW Event Results Website to download current and past event results.

LINK: GNSW Event Results Website

NSW State Team 

Every year NSW has a State Team that attends the Australian Championships. It is a big achievement for all athletes who are successfully selected onto the team. To find out more information about Selection Policies, registering for the State Team, Purchasing uniforms and access resources to assist with travel and competition please check the GNSW State Team Website. 

LINK: GNSW State Team Website

High Performance 

Acrobatic, Rhythmic, Men’s Artistic, Women’s Artistic, Trampoline and Tumbling all have High Performance Programs in NSW. To find out more about these programs and learn more about our athletes in these squads please look at the GNSW High Performance Website. 

LINK: GNSW High Performance Website

General Information

Scope and Overview

These regulations apply to all GNSW events/competitions, including regional events and sanctioned club competitions in NSW. This section is implemented in conjunction with the Gymsport Regulations and the event information provided by GNSW and its committees.

By documenting competition rules that are clear and concise GNSW aims to ensure that its competitions and events are conducted in a manner that is fair and reasonable.


Whether by error or omission if any of the foregoing regulations require interpretation the original intent of GNSW in the framing of the subject regulation shall prevail.

Decisions outside of these Regulations 

GNSW reserves the right to make and enforce a decision outside of the GNSW Technical Regulations where the decision is in the best interest of the sport and the parties involved. All parties affected will be notified as soon as it is feasible and such decisions shall be final and are not to be construed as having set a precedent.


If any of the parties that are affected by the regulations do not comply with the regulations, then GNSW reserves the right to prevent them from attending the event. 


These regulations will be reviewed on an annual basis. In addition to the annual review of all policies recommended changes to any policy or regulations may be submitted to the Board for consideration, at any time. In the event that the proposed changes are agreed, the regulations will be amended, and circulated to members via the latest news. 


All participants at a GNSW event agree to abide by GNSW policies, rules and Codes of Behaviour. Technical Members, Volunteers, Committee Members and Athletes should familiarise themselves with GNSW and GA policies, the Australian Levels Program, FIG Code of Points and keep up to date with any additional updates and clarifications.

LINK: GNSW Policies

LINK: GA Policies

LINK: FIG Code of Points

LINK: GNSW General Regulations Updates & Clarifications

LINK: GNSW Competition & Event Forms

LINK: GNSW Resources



Gymnastics New South Wales
Gymnastics Australia
Federation International Gymnastics
Events and Sport Development Officer
Code of Points
Australian Levels Program

GNSW Committee Terms of Reference

​Gymsport Committee

Gymsport Committees exist to promote the technical development of the Gymsports. More specifically they exist to: 

  1. Further the Objects of GNSW. 

  2. Develop, implement and administer projects to support the growth of gymnastics and the technical development of the Gymsport. 

  3. In conjunction with GNSW staff set the event calendar. 

  4. Determine the selection criteria for the state championships and state team. 

  5. In conjunction with GNSW staff determine the awards to be presented at events. 

  6. Make suggestions to Gymnastics NSW with respect to Gymsport matters. 

  7. Conduct competitive and participation focused gymnastics events. 

  8. Identify Technical Members to be trained to become course presenters and course assessors in both the coaching and judging areas. 

  9. Liaise with the Gymnastics NSW Education Officer regarding the education requirements of the Gymsport. 

  10. Raising awareness of and abiding by Gymnastics NSW policies, procedures, rules and regulations. 

  11. Determining the annual Awards Policy criteria for the respective Gymsport.

Judges Assembly Committee

Judges Assembly Committees exist to: 

  1. Further the Objects of GNSW. 

  2. Nurture, mentor and encourage new judges. 

  3. Promote education and advancement of judges. 

  4. Answer technical questions for the membership. 

  5. Coordinate and appoint all panels for GNSW competitions. 

  6. Oversee compliance of the GNSW Provision of Judges Policy 

  7. Nominate judges for the NSW state team. 

  8. Make recommendations with respect to judging matters. 

  9. Identify Judges to be trained to become judge course presenters and assessors. 

  10. Liaise with the GNSW Education Officer regarding the judge education requirements of the Gymsport. 

  11. Raise awareness of and abide by GNSW policies, procedures, rules and regulations. 

  12. Promote judges for GNSW judge service awards and Judges Assembly Committee awards. 


Committee Meetings

The Committees meet regularly throughout the year. Technical Members who wish to submit an item for discussion at a meeting should complete the online form at least one week prior to the meeting. If this submission is received less than one week prior to the meeting, it will be added to the following scheduled meeting. All items for discussion will be submitted to the relevant Gymsport ESDO. 

The Committee AGMs are held annually. For more information please refer to the Committees and Volunteer Policy

LINK: GNSW Committee Meetings - Item for Discussion

LINK: GNSW Committees and Volunteer Policy